☾ about me ☽

  • my name is julia, but you can call me by my ks username eclipsoul, eclipse or whatever you like really

  • my pronouns are she/her

  • i was born and am living in poland (and i talk this about quite a lot so there was probably no need for me to put it here lol)

  • i love watching movies <3 so most if not all my KS layouts will be movie character themed

  • i love cartoons too, honestly idgaf if someone thinks they are "for kids only". the owl house and big city greens >>>>>

  • i don't think any of these things mean anything but my mbti type is ENTP and my zodiac sign is leo

  • other than my fave kpop groups my music taste is like the exact same as every polish grandma meaning i mostly listen to older music from my country

  • i play genshin impact too, AR 57 on the EU server but to be honest i'm not into the lore and i do not interact with the fandom as they disgust me

  • if you were wondering, the images here are characters from my favourite movie babylon

♫♫♫ kpop ♫♫♫

i'm not following new kpop releases anymore*, but here are the groups/soloists i'm still a fan of: loona, twice, infinite, WJSN, brave girls, mamamoo, kwon eunbi, sunmi, chungha, ateez, astro, stray kids, oneus and onewe. my ultimate biases are kim lip and kwon eunbi <3*other than the releases from the groups i mentioned if they're still active

favourite kpop song ever ❤

some of my graphics :)