about me

  • my name is julia but you can call me eclipsoul, eclipse or whatever you like

  • my pronouns are she/her

  • english isn't my first language, polish is

  • my mbti type is ENTP

  • things i'm into other than kpop: 80s music, making graphics/edits, watching movies (and reviewing them sometimes), sports (mostly tennis and figure skating), genshin impact, superstar rhythm games, browsing r/tipofmytongue

  • ult biases: kim lip (loona), sungkyu (infinite), kwon eunbi

  • solo stanning: dk (seventeen) and yuju (former gfriend now soloist)

  • artists i stan: loona, infinite, wjsn, brave girls, mamamoo, stray kids, ateez, oneus, everglow, stayc, cherry bullet, boa, chungha, iu, taeyeon

  • disbanded faves: wonder girls, aoa, t-ara and kara

stream the chaser <3